1 16oz box of Lasagna noodles (I prefer Creamette)     

1 pound ground beef

1 pound Italian sausage

1 egg

1 16oz package Mozzerella cheese

1 15oz container of Ricotta cheese

I 24oz jar of spaghetti sauce (Any brand you prefer)

13 x 9 inch metal pan (I prefer this over glass)

Tablespoon of Parsely flakes

Cooking steps:  
Preheat over to 350°  

1) Combine the hamburger and sausage in a frying pan.  Cook over medium

heat, breaking up the meat with a spatula.  Season to taste.

(I use Lawry's Seasoning Salt and also Garlic powder)


2) While you are cooking the hamburger and sausage, you can also start boiling

the noodles, per the instructions on the box.  I use half the noodles in the box.


3) When the hamburger/sausage mixture is browned, remove from heat.  Add all of

Spaghetti sauce and stir thoroughly.  Make sure all the meat is covered.  The

noodles should be done by now too.  I remove them from the heat and run cold

water over them, so they stop cooking.  Also this cools them down for the next step.


4) Place a layer of cooked noodles in the bottom of the pan.  I use four and overlap the

edges a little bit.


5) Take half the meat mixture and spoon it over the layer of noodles.  Spread it around

evenly.  Being careful not to pull the noodles up.


6) Dump the Ricotta cheese into a bowl.  I dump it in upside down.  Use a spoon to

smash it down a little bit.


7) Crack open the egg and add it to the Ricotta cheese.  Mix it thoroughly with the Riccota

until it looks like the second image.  Mix in the tablespoon of Parsely flakes.


8) Spoon half the Ricotta/egg mixture over the layer of meat.  Spread it around the top.  (It's

okay if it gets slightly mixed with meat mixture.)

9) It should look like this when you're done:

Repeat steps 4, 5 and 8.  Another layer of 4 noodles, the rest of the meat mixture and the rest

of the Ricotta/egg mixture.  There should be at least two Lasagna noodles left.  Place them

evenly on the top.


Grate the Mozerella cheese over the top.  (You can buy pre-shredded Mozerella cheese, but I

prefer grating it myself.  I feel it melts, and tastes better.  Spread it around evenly.

Cover the top with aluminum foil.  Place in preheated over and cook for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes of cooking, take it out and remove the aluminum foil.  Pull it off carefully, the

cheese may stick a little.  Place it back into over and cook it for 45 minutes more.  Remove

and let it cool for 10 minutes.  The top should be slightly brown.  Cut into individual slices.  Serve

with a nice Chianti.







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