Megan Elizabeth DuPrie Arrington Armstrong
September 14, 1963 - March 18, 2001
Memorial Service on Wednesday, March 21, 2001 at noon

This eulogy is written in fond memory by Gabrielle, the big sister.

The brighter the flame, the more quickly it burns out.

Megan was smart, creative, charismatic, and beautiful.  She seemed fearless. She had an inner dignity that she herself wasn't even aware of. She was loved more than she was probably able to believe.

For many years we have celebrated with great pride each of her successes and agonized every time she suffered a setback.  We all know she tried her best to defy what was inexplicably an unconquerable foe.   But there was much more to Megan's life than her horrible battle with substance abuse, much more about her that we can and should remember.

Megan was loved more than she ever really knew or understood.

Megan returns to dust accompanied by her worn out raggedy ann doll.  The doll was made for her with love, over thirty five years ago.  Her journey has had trials and joys, challenges and successes, highs and lows, but it now ends with the simplest of childhood toys.  She leaves us with the one possession that she has owned longer than anything else;  the one possession that reflects the pure innocence and sweetness and joy that were far too fleeting in her brief life.

Megan is with God now, and has found the peace and comfort and dignity and grace that she found so elusive in life.

We love her and we will miss her.

May God's love give comfort and peace to all here who mourn the loss of Megan Elizabeth DuPrie Arrington Armstrong.

The above pictures from her Brother's wedding

Megan with her cousin Mike, at her sister's wedding.

Megan and her son, Mike.